Friday, February 1, 2013

the dreamer

Be real don’t hate , strong word for someone who never prayed, and i walk down the path towards the light, can you feel him his love is so bright, shines stronger then evil at night, and he keeps my soul protected right, I was into drugs since I was nine, and it feels great to be sober for life, he changed me, despite my sins he made me, the life I lived was crazy, never finish school I was just too lazy, I use to have a girl until she played me, had my baby then she came back like a lady, handled my biz, took care of her kids, the only way I live happily is without a sin, its hard but nothings impossible to win, just focus and take your time, do it right, he will be here forever by your side, just close your eyes and have faith, god’s love is so Great..

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