Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Special Smiles

your Amazing, i thank god for waking me up to you baby, super Gorgeous than can ever be, i want to be your man if you allow me, to follow my dream which is You, making my day a lot better yea its true, i been feeling kinda weird, cant tell what it is, im going crazy inside like a kid, love the way it feels dont get me wrong, and i hope forever you keep that smile strong, its really an honor to know your name, i hope you just feel the same, no need to rush nothing, i would love to get to know you better and share our lovin, if thats okay with you, i know we just met but baby girl i think im in love with you

Friday, March 1, 2013

long path or short,

from point a to point b, sitting broken down weed, speaks loud for everyone to seek, but this time its me, do i allow it, or should i not be about it, its tempting but never mess with the hand that fed thee, nothing to serious, keep your faith straight never feel weekend, lose a lot of friends but im better off sleeping, no one ever taught me better so why keep breathing, ill lose my head if you keep weeping, no time for all this nonsense, just live life to keep eating, better yet keep feeding, my family is everything i got, and there will always be here until my heart stops,