Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Special Smiles

your Amazing, i thank god for waking me up to you baby, super Gorgeous than can ever be, i want to be your man if you allow me, to follow my dream which is You, making my day a lot better yea its true, i been feeling kinda weird, cant tell what it is, im going crazy inside like a kid, love the way it feels dont get me wrong, and i hope forever you keep that smile strong, its really an honor to know your name, i hope you just feel the same, no need to rush nothing, i would love to get to know you better and share our lovin, if thats okay with you, i know we just met but baby girl i think im in love with you

Friday, March 1, 2013

long path or short,

from point a to point b, sitting broken down weed, speaks loud for everyone to seek, but this time its me, do i allow it, or should i not be about it, its tempting but never mess with the hand that fed thee, nothing to serious, keep your faith straight never feel weekend, lose a lot of friends but im better off sleeping, no one ever taught me better so why keep breathing, ill lose my head if you keep weeping, no time for all this nonsense, just live life to keep eating, better yet keep feeding, my family is everything i got, and there will always be here until my heart stops,

Sunday, February 24, 2013

abre tus ojos

no soy ignorante, solo amo lo que es mio ya lo sabes, no me comprometo, si no lo vivo, escuchando de gente que disen ser tus amigos, pero nunca te fijas que ay peligro, sigues adelante renunciando a lo mismo, deja el vicio, porque tarde o temprano te dejara en el piso, peor abajo de eso, solo te pido que escuches buen consejos, tal vez te dara igual, ni lo piensas solo quieres fumar, tomar y tambien le ases al perico, y te cres invicible, pero acabas bien ridiculo, oh que paso que no recuerdas lo de anoche, pero todo esta bien sin faltar respeto solo cojes, que es esa mierda y perdona si te ofendas, tal vez ya trais el saco bien puesto, ojala que te diviertas, porque solo lo escribo pa que entiendas que jugar con fuego siempre te quemas,

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

que cres?

en esta vida no la cambiaria, encontrado la luz de cada dia, y al saltar con el inpotente, no temo de lo malo ni la gente, que habla de lo que no siente, poniendo mi nombre junto al fuego ardiente, no soy mejor que tu, ni tu mejor que yo, pero si no me cres preguntale a mi dios, esto no es un juego ni mucho menos show, no necesito hablar de lo que fue, mi futuro e salvado y nadie me saca sigo siendo fiel, si la sangre es fuerte, pero nunca e estado solo, te invito a lo nuevo sin ningun odio,  ven conmigo al mundo nuevo, y si no te que maras en el fuego,

Saturday, February 16, 2013

hold tight

you need to hold tight, been the same way for life, never take second chances polite, better yet be an example despite, the fact you did wrong, grab life and keep on, forgiving is hard but forgetting is the hardest, put your mind to it and heart where it belongs and, dont give up, just when you feeling like breaking go get up now standing, making my way to the top for the man, who gave me life to walk, spreading his word yup thats us, in who's name do we trust, Jesus!, and he keeps it going, like his blood this flow keeps growing, no one can handle us we exploding, be careful cause all this love is golden,

Friday, February 15, 2013


someone always told me you cant lose the game if your never pick up the ball, and i told them you right so i choose a fresh start, some ppl might think im just being weak, but they have no idea im following the king, my lord hes been with me since forever, and today he will still be here in any weather, its Jesus Christ my savior, and we got an outstanding army, me fear death nah neva that, and while you feel so big carrying a strap, and why you think you so mean handling that, the hardest thing is giving back, but instead of helping you break crap, its easier said then done, but ill hold my position no need for a gun, keep a bible with me thats my main clap, it will  bring you to your knees if your not careful, the lord is with me and together we will defeat any devil, but enough is enough, i pray to god this ends like nothing rough, smooth as a whistle because the lord has my trust,

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

childs bestfriend! father

since the day you left my side, its never been the same at times, dont ever really feel like eating, matter of fact didnt even feel like breathing, and its really hard because this pain still here, but your better off in heaven keepin it real, always close to the fam, close in my heart, you was the only man that was here from the start, kept the family safe, never disrespected faith, you were a good man, god never makes mistakes, some day ill be with you again, because you showed me the path of a great man, which at times were hard and ill always keep you here in my heart, never forgot,