Friday, February 8, 2013

something i really loved..

you only love me every other day, you dont speak to your friends about me any way, i wish you were proud of me like i am of you, and every time my family ask about you, i smile and get excited just the thought of having my arms around you is magic, i love when were together it feels so great, but when you leave me alone theres such pain, i wonder what its like when i take off, because trust me if you love me i wouldnt dare to walk away, i would treat you like a queen for the rest of our lives, but you aint ready for that all you want is time, and thats exactly what i dont have, i want to love you is that really bad, it makes me sad because i know when im gone this pain will last until my soul rest forever to sleep, i always pray for you to keep that heart from thief's, who only want what they need, but im different and maybe some day you will see, but for now ill keep my heart free,

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