Friday, February 15, 2013


someone always told me you cant lose the game if your never pick up the ball, and i told them you right so i choose a fresh start, some ppl might think im just being weak, but they have no idea im following the king, my lord hes been with me since forever, and today he will still be here in any weather, its Jesus Christ my savior, and we got an outstanding army, me fear death nah neva that, and while you feel so big carrying a strap, and why you think you so mean handling that, the hardest thing is giving back, but instead of helping you break crap, its easier said then done, but ill hold my position no need for a gun, keep a bible with me thats my main clap, it will  bring you to your knees if your not careful, the lord is with me and together we will defeat any devil, but enough is enough, i pray to god this ends like nothing rough, smooth as a whistle because the lord has my trust,

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