Friday, February 8, 2013

it will never matter.

why did we ever meet, why was that smile so unique, was it love at first sight, or did i love the way she seemed, why did we have to talk, i could have mind my own business and kept a walk, why did we become so close, i gave you my rose, to show my love and hope, that someday we would be together, but you thought otherwise, idk maybe i wasn't cute enough, i know i aint tatted, dont wear skinnys like a fagget, dont got a fresh cutt with a design, i was hoping you saw the bright light inside, the same one i saw in you, im not here to bring you down, im here to hold it down with you, and be forever by your side, walk together in the night, tell each other story about when we were young and tell you everything will be alright when theres something wrong, keep a smile on your face, share all things that come our way, be a great father to our kids, and eventually be the greatest grandparents that ever lived, but now its just a dream of some kid who doesnt speak, because his worlds didnt matter if they weren't for his queen,

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