Tuesday, February 5, 2013


they ask me would i trade it, and i ask them to ask me when i was faded, and by the time that passed, all they figured was laughter, triggered at your skull you finally see this disaster, caused by hate, yea you can relate, thats all you been taught, feelin weak from the heart, cuz you know you wasnt smart, cheatin on me was too far, now im gone and forever broke apart, aint shit ill admit it, but dont talk what you dont know theres a difference, seeing what appears to be all misunderstood, wishiin you could love who you choose, but true love doesn't come with a bruise, just be wise when it comes to mind, dont fool the soul and lie to what shines, respect her happiness love and care at all times, and never forget ill be forever by your side, until death speaks otherwise,

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