Sunday, February 24, 2013

abre tus ojos

no soy ignorante, solo amo lo que es mio ya lo sabes, no me comprometo, si no lo vivo, escuchando de gente que disen ser tus amigos, pero nunca te fijas que ay peligro, sigues adelante renunciando a lo mismo, deja el vicio, porque tarde o temprano te dejara en el piso, peor abajo de eso, solo te pido que escuches buen consejos, tal vez te dara igual, ni lo piensas solo quieres fumar, tomar y tambien le ases al perico, y te cres invicible, pero acabas bien ridiculo, oh que paso que no recuerdas lo de anoche, pero todo esta bien sin faltar respeto solo cojes, que es esa mierda y perdona si te ofendas, tal vez ya trais el saco bien puesto, ojala que te diviertas, porque solo lo escribo pa que entiendas que jugar con fuego siempre te quemas,

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

que cres?

en esta vida no la cambiaria, encontrado la luz de cada dia, y al saltar con el inpotente, no temo de lo malo ni la gente, que habla de lo que no siente, poniendo mi nombre junto al fuego ardiente, no soy mejor que tu, ni tu mejor que yo, pero si no me cres preguntale a mi dios, esto no es un juego ni mucho menos show, no necesito hablar de lo que fue, mi futuro e salvado y nadie me saca sigo siendo fiel, si la sangre es fuerte, pero nunca e estado solo, te invito a lo nuevo sin ningun odio,  ven conmigo al mundo nuevo, y si no te que maras en el fuego,

Saturday, February 16, 2013

hold tight

you need to hold tight, been the same way for life, never take second chances polite, better yet be an example despite, the fact you did wrong, grab life and keep on, forgiving is hard but forgetting is the hardest, put your mind to it and heart where it belongs and, dont give up, just when you feeling like breaking go get up now standing, making my way to the top for the man, who gave me life to walk, spreading his word yup thats us, in who's name do we trust, Jesus!, and he keeps it going, like his blood this flow keeps growing, no one can handle us we exploding, be careful cause all this love is golden,

Friday, February 15, 2013


someone always told me you cant lose the game if your never pick up the ball, and i told them you right so i choose a fresh start, some ppl might think im just being weak, but they have no idea im following the king, my lord hes been with me since forever, and today he will still be here in any weather, its Jesus Christ my savior, and we got an outstanding army, me fear death nah neva that, and while you feel so big carrying a strap, and why you think you so mean handling that, the hardest thing is giving back, but instead of helping you break crap, its easier said then done, but ill hold my position no need for a gun, keep a bible with me thats my main clap, it will  bring you to your knees if your not careful, the lord is with me and together we will defeat any devil, but enough is enough, i pray to god this ends like nothing rough, smooth as a whistle because the lord has my trust,

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

childs bestfriend! father

since the day you left my side, its never been the same at times, dont ever really feel like eating, matter of fact didnt even feel like breathing, and its really hard because this pain still here, but your better off in heaven keepin it real, always close to the fam, close in my heart, you was the only man that was here from the start, kept the family safe, never disrespected faith, you were a good man, god never makes mistakes, some day ill be with you again, because you showed me the path of a great man, which at times were hard and ill always keep you here in my heart, never forgot,

nice ride

excuse me miss lady, love that gorgeous smile drive me insanely crazy, remember my name, from the start to the end, as i write on this notebook letting the ink from my pen, flow that good vibe thats what i felt yo, and when we met i seen the rainbow, leading your way, your my treasure the way you shine everyday, gots the whole world blind, they cant see fake cuz its been real the whole time, you been mine, time flies just thinking about those eyes, done already arrived and im feeling kinda shy, dont know what to expect, its just a great feeling when i ride,

Friday, February 8, 2013

it will never matter.

why did we ever meet, why was that smile so unique, was it love at first sight, or did i love the way she seemed, why did we have to talk, i could have mind my own business and kept a walk, why did we become so close, i gave you my rose, to show my love and hope, that someday we would be together, but you thought otherwise, idk maybe i wasn't cute enough, i know i aint tatted, dont wear skinnys like a fagget, dont got a fresh cutt with a design, i was hoping you saw the bright light inside, the same one i saw in you, im not here to bring you down, im here to hold it down with you, and be forever by your side, walk together in the night, tell each other story about when we were young and tell you everything will be alright when theres something wrong, keep a smile on your face, share all things that come our way, be a great father to our kids, and eventually be the greatest grandparents that ever lived, but now its just a dream of some kid who doesnt speak, because his worlds didnt matter if they weren't for his queen,

something i really loved..

you only love me every other day, you dont speak to your friends about me any way, i wish you were proud of me like i am of you, and every time my family ask about you, i smile and get excited just the thought of having my arms around you is magic, i love when were together it feels so great, but when you leave me alone theres such pain, i wonder what its like when i take off, because trust me if you love me i wouldnt dare to walk away, i would treat you like a queen for the rest of our lives, but you aint ready for that all you want is time, and thats exactly what i dont have, i want to love you is that really bad, it makes me sad because i know when im gone this pain will last until my soul rest forever to sleep, i always pray for you to keep that heart from thief's, who only want what they need, but im different and maybe some day you will see, but for now ill keep my heart free,

what i see

i ask for forgiveness, and then i pray that the whole world would be different, less violence, less drugs and more visions, of ppl doing right instead of killing, keep yo head in the books, life isnt easy being a crook, every body loves money but nobody wants to work for it, thats just how life is and some ppl cant afford it, living out in this cold world, there's only one god who will cure the soul, his name is Jesus i hope you find him, dont let the pain bring you down, hes full of excitement, he can change your mood in any second, and he wont care if your the last to read this message,

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

some chorus

been here since day one, never gonna change for no one, only time can tell where im from, stuck in the game, where nobody has fun, and its all the same when life done chorus!! dont forget


they ask me would i trade it, and i ask them to ask me when i was faded, and by the time that passed, all they figured was laughter, triggered at your skull you finally see this disaster, caused by hate, yea you can relate, thats all you been taught, feelin weak from the heart, cuz you know you wasnt smart, cheatin on me was too far, now im gone and forever broke apart, aint shit ill admit it, but dont talk what you dont know theres a difference, seeing what appears to be all misunderstood, wishiin you could love who you choose, but true love doesn't come with a bruise, just be wise when it comes to mind, dont fool the soul and lie to what shines, respect her happiness love and care at all times, and never forget ill be forever by your side, until death speaks otherwise,

is she fake.

far from trust, it all begin with a smile, those gorgeous eyes had me in the clouds for a while, you tricked me always been the same you feel me, never changed for the worst, sincerely felt a pain in the game you hear me, walkin slow feeling weak, kinda dizzy, holding on tight cuz it kills me, but the light wont shine bright if its filthy, no one understands, all they do is command, and when you try helping it all falls again, so whats the point, living such a bad life with no remorse, who do you truly live for, treating me like nothing, baby girl pack your bags quit frontin, tell me how it is if you love me,

just a sad day.

it was great while it lasted, then i woke up in tears cuz it happened, you left me, how could i lose something so greatly, and you kept playing games had me crazy, hearts been gone so i cant feel the pain, money over everything was my mission, despite the fact that your gone i kept insisting, far from listening, didn't pay no mind just respect, never hating just looked at it as a test, so i sat down to take a look, but how could i read an empty book, its like having a smile, when your worlds upside down, so confused, i thought you loved the way we looked, its was all a dream, i will never be able to marry my future queen,

Saturday, February 2, 2013

just a dream.

you will miss me when im gone, you use to call me when you wasn't feeling strong, i kept a smile on your face when ever i could, im gonna miss you believe me its true, and the life i live has been stop for no good, so ill just rest my head low for a while, but when im gone all im gonna be thinking about is your smile, i pray to lord every day and night, that when i come back its for you to be my wife,

Friday, February 1, 2013


ill love you forever, had the best laughs since were together, hope this really last remain settled, ima have to go but while im gone remain strong, never let them tears fall, any if anybody thinks wrong then let them, they dont know the life i live so never regret it, that gorgeous smile so deadly, and when you hold me tight its so amazing, and don't forget our favorite song we blazin, ill be your man and you my wife, i fell in love with your heart yea your my type, and i want to be with your forever, if your down baby girl speak now cuz late is never better, you are my sweater, you keep me safe all the time, and i pray to god for you to be mine,


esa hermosa sonriesa, su mirada que brilla, fuerte como el sol, pero siempre lastima, me gusta su forma de ser, te necesito mi vida, te quiero siempre fuerte y sincero, no lo hago por hablar, me encanta como me ases flotar, eres especial en la intimidad, como si fuera magia, pero el dinero no compra todo ni una infancia, salistes del cielo, a tu lado siempre puesto, mi corazon esta abierto, no esperes mas y lleva te lo.. <3

better days

better days better days, waking up to the person you love to hate, what a surprised she was just a date, she said she loved my tie but it was just a game, me in my suit looking fly, you just in time, im feeling passed great, there's just this look in her eyes she stay blazed, by the time of our first kiss, she had to leave anyways her kids were feeling sick, what a shame, hoping tomorrow brings just a better day,

thinking it thru

the world has a special place, and reaching it will cause you better days, feeling so sure you made a great escape, but whats next, take a guess, or jump in the thrill of getting paid, million dollar bills now your getting laid, signed by people who really envy you, now what do you do, say goodbye and take a ride, or take a plane to forget the pain, what pain don't you enjoy it, sinning everyday like its a motive, but you wont know what you lost until your dead, even then it wont be late, just take the time to find faith, then fall to your knees and pray, the lord will listen, he will show you a vision, brighter then the stars passed mars,


  I see you everyday but you never look at me you're always looking good but you look unhappy Tell me why you choose to live like this If you were mine I'd never make you feel like this You need a man not someone that's gonna hurt you you need to let him go he doesnt deserve you and when i say I'll make you happy it's true or you could stay with your man and get your heart broken too but here's my number call me up if you want and when you feel lonely you could roll through my spot.


The whole team been thru aint shit to the goon, just a loss nothing new, been better but today ill just rest with my son in my arms, he can tell theres something wrong, so he asks, and to hide my tears i just laugh and tell him dont pay no mind, i tell him papa loves you for the rest of our lives, hoping he falls asleep so he wont see his father cry,


love and hate both very strong words, but if you never felt the feeling then you never been hurt, always follow what you want just do what you need, dream big live bigger and happily, if she/he makes you happy then you should give it a try, don't worry about what others say, they just want to see you cry, or at least in pain, just to keep it game one hunnit, lifes full of lesson learn form it, ya feel me..

the dreamer

Be real don’t hate , strong word for someone who never prayed, and i walk down the path towards the light, can you feel him his love is so bright, shines stronger then evil at night, and he keeps my soul protected right, I was into drugs since I was nine, and it feels great to be sober for life, he changed me, despite my sins he made me, the life I lived was crazy, never finish school I was just too lazy, I use to have a girl until she played me, had my baby then she came back like a lady, handled my biz, took care of her kids, the only way I live happily is without a sin, its hard but nothings impossible to win, just focus and take your time, do it right, he will be here forever by your side, just close your eyes and have faith, god’s love is so Great..